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One of the few tutors in Singapore with a M.B.B.S medical degree to tutor your child

One of the few tutors in Singapore with a M.B.B.S medical degree to tutor your child

          Dr Michael Fong is an ex-doctor-turned professional tutor with a passion for teaching and has tutored many students in the past in various subjects. His students has often achieved good grades and under his guidance,grow to love the subjects, primarily Biology and Chemistry when they provide the commitment to come for the classes.

          However, due to a hiatus in research, he had to stop teaching for a while, and recently decided to take up teaching again at Bukit Timah near his alumni, Hwa Chong Junior College. The job satisfaction in seeing his students achieve good grades is the main reason why he has decided to go into teaching again, and to specialize in Biology, so much so he has provided the follow commitment to his students:

1. Achieve better grades in Biology*

2. Free Follow up

3. Premedical follow-up and career consultation

4. Preparation to be an all-round A’s student

          It is rare to have a M.B.B.S graduate teach students, and it would be an relative advantage in the education scene in Singapore. Students would be better able to get a top notch education and improve their chances of success ,with the guidance of someone who has already been through the rigorous education system in Singapore

         In addition, Dr Fong also offers career grooming advice to his students in order to prepare them to become future professionals with the right aptitude and attitudes, as he cares for them as an individual and as a person.